Ice Mobs Addon

28 September, 2019
Minecraft PE Mods
Ice Mobs Add-on - if you want to add new types of mobs to the game, then you need this addon! This addon adds ice mobs to the game, which will live in snow biomes. These mobs will be negatively affected by daylight because they are made of ice. As soon as daylight hits the ice mobs they begin to melt!

Mobs added:

  • Glaze
  • Ice creeper
  • Ice skeleton
  • Ice witch
  • Ice zombie

Ice Mobs Addon

This is an awesome mod that you definitely need to install for Minecraft PE. Do you want more interesting modifications for Minecraft? Go to the section add-ons for Minecraft!

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Download Ice Mobs Addon

Ice Mobs behavior (.mcpack) [18.3 Kb] (downloads: 3)
Ice Mobs resource (.mcpack) [36.37 Kb] (downloads: 4)

28 September, 2019
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