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28 November, 2019
Minecraft PE Mods
Would you like to have some post-Halloween fun? Why not make a joke on one or more of your MCPE friends? Addon ScareTroll, available for Minecraft 1.11 or any of the latest game versions, will give the people entering your world a good scare to remember!

How does addon ScareTroll work

This addon is very easy to use, but its effect is fantastic and guarantees a lot of fun!
First, let us tell you how to use it.
Place the behavior pack on top of the rest of all the packs.
Tick the box as shown in the picture below for a scarier experience (otherwise it will work too, but the effect won’t be as impressive)

You can find the options described above just below the Resource Packs in your World Settings.
Now it’s time to find out how this addon works and what it does. Play with your friends as usual, but choose a sudden moment to write the name of the player you want to scare in the chat as shown in the picture below (/tag “player’s name” add scare)

As soon as you write your friend’s name tag in the chat, he/she will see a suddenly appearing face of Herobrine on his/her screen and will hear a frightening scream.
Take advantage of the fact that everybody already relaxed after Halloween and no-one expects jokes of this kind.
To download Addon ScareTroll, use the button below and if you want to share your secret scary surprise with any of your MCPE friends, show them this article.
To explore other cool mods, visit our website. Here you will also find a lot of interesting maps and texture packs developed to make your worlds look better. Have fun!
Addon ScareTroll

Download Addon ScareTroll [685.97 Kb] (downloads: 15)

28 November, 2019
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