9 February, 2020
Game Minecraft PE
Almost two weeks passed since the release of Minecraft PE 1.14.20, so we hope you had enough time to explore it from A to Z because here is a new beta with a short but useful list of fixes. We will describe it briefly a little later, but now we have to remind you that Minecraft is a beta game version, so Realms and your friends using full versions won’t be accessible while trying it. We also recommend you to back up your worlds because this beta is going to replace your work in progress. Note that if you are planning to use any older versions after trying the present beta, you might lose the builds created here, but not if you save them. And now, let us tell you about the changes:

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

The developers fixed the crashes and other in-game problems occurring when:
  • At different moments of your playing process
  • When using 256x resolution packs on some devices
  • When trying to play in certain MCPE worlds
  • When the main controller is not connected in case the player wants to play in split-screen
  • When the player walks through open entries (auto-jump triggers immediately)
  • The player crafts more than one honey blocks (not enough empty bottles are being returned to him/her)

Even if some of the solutions for the above-mentioned issues are temporary, because the developers are intending to resolve them in such a way as not to affect other game features, there is no doubt that this version will make your gameplay smoother.
To download it, all you have to do is press on the button below the video trailer. If you find the release effective and useful, leave feedback and share this article with your friends.
Our website always informs its subscribers about the release of the latest game versions among the first, so follow us. In addition, you will have access to some of the most popular texture packs, maps and other downloadable files intended to make your MCPE experience more interesting!

Video of Minecraft

Minecraft 1.14.20

Minecraft [90.25 Mb] (downloads: 519)

9 February, 2020
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