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Minecraft PE 1.16.40

6 September, 2020
Game Minecraft PE
There was a lot to find out about Minecraft PE, a beta released only a day ago. Hopefully, you managed to enjoy it and explore all of its features because we have another update for you to try. Minecraft PE 1.16.40 is a full game version that brings only four crash and bug fixes, but many of us are very happy about its release because now we can join Realms, play with other MCPE users who prefer full versions over beta ones, and the builds created here will be much more stable.

Bugfixes in Minecraft Bedrock

In this version, the MCPE developers worked on fixing the following issues:
  • Several crashes affecting only the players using iOS devices
  • Sign-in button not working after exiting the sign-in prompt screen
  • A bug affecting the game when entering it after playing another game on PS4 devices
  • Microsoft sign-in screen appearing repeatedly in case there is no internet (affecting only the Switch users)

If you want to try Minecraft PE 1.16.40, use the download button located below, share the news about the release with all your friends, and leave feedback.
Visit our website as often as possible and you will always have the chance to find out about the latest game versions among the first. Moreover, here you will discover lots of new and interesting maps, mods, and other MCPE-related surprises. Have a good time!
Minecraft PE 1.16.40

Minecraft PE 1.16.40 [94.72 Mb] (downloads: 84303)

6 September, 2020

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Carlos_pro8 September 2020, 00:06
Hola me quiero unir a su evento

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Luis fernando Martinez Morales
Luis fernando Martinez Morales9 September 2020, 09:55
Hola los productores de moja

M.chester striana rey agung
M.chester striana rey agung14 September 2020, 08:42
Saya ingin mendowlod minicraft
Miakilla15 September 2020, 08:37
saya ingin mMinecraft
Shalsa_22320 September 2020, 22:11
This game bugs start to hear strange sounds like embients if every time I play it is this a bug

is this one of the bugs from minecraft. please fix the game again
Unspeakablegamingfake19 October 2020, 16:12
my moto is never give up and nothing is imposible
Fachrie reza
Fachrie reza20 October 2020, 12:48
I love playing mimecraft

jlsaga7 November 2020, 05:25
Nayla7 November 2020, 12:39
Mantap minecraftnya udah dwonload aja jangan banyak bacot
Joe19 November 2020, 14:46
Yennie Rieayana craft
Yennie Rieayana craft20 November 2020, 12:34
Download minecraft sekarang juga cepat!!!!
saba1 April 2021, 16:27
Drmyhtic30 October 2021, 11:17
bct itu akun lu semua yang chat gw ada anti virus jadi gw tau itu vile berbahaya ato gakbarusan gw cek pake anti virus ada tulisan mcpesurvival.com sengaja agar anda mendownload minecraft tetapi ada file berbahaya pilih kembali atau detil

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