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Minecraft PE

25 September, 2020
Game Minecraft PE
Last week we have learned about Minecraft PE where we discovered many interesting changes. Today we will study the features of Minecraft PE which is another beta containing even more features.
This time the MCPE developers did a great job at resolving several really serious bugs and crashes, but also succeeded to improve some features related to the audio, most frequently used commands, and touch controls.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

In addition to a lot of technical improvements where the developers resolved some errors and introduced many new functions, they also had to fix the following problems:
  • A crash that used to occur if the MCPE game was suspended an achievement screens
  • Poor performance of the chunk loading
  • The impossibility of using any spawn egg on mob spawners that are under the water
  • Some worlds not being displayed in the world list, this issue affectilng mostly the Xbox One users
  • Impossibility to unlock the beaconator achievement
  • Impossibility to unlock the Archer trophy
  • The loot chests from the Lost City not generating as they should
  • Basalt pillars not generating in the soulsand valley
  • The player’s hitbox not sizing correctly when performing specific actions
  • A bug related to the simulation distance and the mob spawn range
  • Villagers not leveling up correctly while they are trading
  • Poor performance of villagers acting as farmers when working on the land

  • Error not letting these farmers harvest crops
  • Animals from the overworld turning from leashed to unleashed after leaving the Nether biome
  • Striders not performing the move_to_liquid goal properly
  • Impossibility to tame baby mobs

  • Wrong texture of the front side of the beehives
  • Wrong texture of the front side of the bee nests
  • Hyphae not being located into the right inventory group
  • Crimson stems not being located into the right inventory group
  • Warped stems not being located into right inventory group
  • Multiple items having wrong item names
  • Craftable items not being displayed correctly
  • Specific item stacks that have been dropped turning invisible in certain situations
  • Specific horse armors looking white, except for their blankets
  • Mob heads not being displayed properly in the inventory
  • Netherite armor losing durability in situations where it shouldn’t
  • The items transferring from the inventory to the crafting grid each time the player hovers over a recipe
  • Players hitting passangers in boats each time they use “leave boat”

Dear players, these are the most noticeable problems that have been successfully resolved by the MCPE developers. If you want to find out more about the beta, we recommend you to watch the video trailer below this article.
Before hitting the download button, we must warn you that you should make copies of your existing Bedrock worlds, because this version will replace your current one and you may lose everything you worked on. You should also know that your access to Realms and to non-beta players is not allowed while using a beta version of the game.
If you are happy with the present release, share this article with all the MCPE players that you know and leave feedback.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [123.32 Mb] (downloads: 475)

25 September, 2020

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Miguel Swarts
Miguel Swarts27 September 2020, 15:41
I love Minecraft its grear
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