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19 December, 2020
Game Minecraft PE
It’s winter and this season is always associated with snow. Unfortunately, because of the climate changes, we cannot see and play with it too often lately, but the MCPE developers decided to introduce it at least in our Bedrock worlds. Powder snow can be enjoyed since the release of Minecraft PE 1.16.100.
Today, in Minecraft PE beta version, the developers carried out some modifications in relation to this new kind of snow.

Powder Snow in Minecraft Bedrock

Starting with the present game update, you can notice that powder snow:
  • Emits particles every time an entity is landing on it or moves inside it
  • Does not make the blocks inside it transparent
  • Can be traversed and climbed on easier if the player has leather boots
  • Allows any entity to enter, but makes it move slower
  • Have other textures than the custom MCPE snow
  • Can be placed or picked up with a bucket
  • Generates a special kind of fog around it if the camera is located inside
  • Plays original sounds when someone interacts with it
  • Is usually avoided by goats when pathing
  • Doesn’t allow rabbits and silverfish to fall through its blocks
  • Allows lightweight creatures to climb on and walk through it
  • Does not stop projectiles
  • Cannot be found in the Creative inventory
  • Does not make gravity blocks break when they land on it
  • Does not allow the placement of torches and redstone dust on top of it
  • Makes the fire coming from the mobs on fire extinguish
  • Allows mobs that use to sink into it to navigate through its blocks
  • Gives all characters located inside it a freezing effect, but this effect can be removed
  • Plays a special stepping sound when a character walks through it

There were also two bugs affecting powder snow. These were the fact that the camera moved towards the inside of the mob’s head when inside such a block and that the mobs spawned inside such blocks could spawn under the ground. These issues were successfully resolved.
Minecraft PE

In addition to all the information about powder snow, the MCPE fixed the following general issues:
  • The chests from structures having different loot even if the player used the same world seed
  • Double chests appearing partially invisible when placed on chunk borders
  • Double chests crashing the game when opened
  • The textures of enchanted and gold apples being white in the hotbar
  • Some ambient sounds failing to play in the Nether
  • Shulker box losing its content in case they are undyed using a cauldron
  • Player dismounting from his/her rideable when entering liquids
  • Incomplete error messages in case of sign-in failures

These and other changes and fixes can be discovered by installing the present beta, but before clicking on the download button, we must warn you that this update will replace your MCPE work in progress, so if you are planning to access your current worlds in the future, make copies.
If you want to find out about the latest game versions among the first and to discover the most popular mods, maps, and more, follow our website and have a good time!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [112.94 Mb] (downloads: 413)

19 December, 2020

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