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Minecraft PE

29 January, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
If you are visiting our website regularly, you probably already know about Minecraft PE and the new features it brought. Today we have another new beta to try. This is Minecraft PE and in addition to a nice list of changes, it also brings two more new features that you can enable by activating the Experimental Features option.

New fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

  • A number of issues related to the Screen Reader (not reading some names in the Permissions Screens, not informing the user about the opened chat settings, not reading the Announcements messages and the Whisper messages) were resolved
  • The problem not letting the user move the slider when his/her cursor is outside the user interface frame was resolved
  • Several bugs affecting the user interface transition animations were resolved
  • The poor performance of the actors who use TemptGoal was improved
  • Two bugs affecting command /clone (not letting the user interact after he/she uses it on double chests and treating this command on blocks of the same kind as a failed operation) were resolved
  • When the user moves a locked item to or from containers, he/she will get informed about this
  • A crash happening when the user teleports away from a structure to unload was resolved
  • The entity’s scoreboard data will not vanish in case it is teleported a place that has not fully loaded
  • The data of the structure blocks won’t auto-save in case the user decides to deselect its name text box
  • The redstone dust will be displayed as redstone dust, not just redstone as before
  • You will obtain XP when smelting nether bricks
  • A bug making players get fall damage every time they open a shulker box was resolved

These and other changes can be explored by installing this beta version.
And now, let’s talk about the new game features:
  • Copper is a brand new material, earlier available only in certain mods. There are copper ores, ingots, blocks, slabs, and stairs. Ingots are created from ores placed in the furnace and blocks are made from ingots using the crafting table. The blocks can be used to craft cut copper. Copper and cut copper can oxidize to different degrees, but if the degree is not too advanced, the player can get rid of the oxidation using honeycombs. To solve the problem, the player can also put the copper things in a dispenser with honeycombs. Starting with this version, the drowned will drop copper ingots, not gold ingots as it did before,
    Minecraft PE

  • The second new feature is the introduction of the Lightning Rod. You can obtain it by crafting it with copper ingots (see picture below). This rod interacts directly with lightning strikes. This way, if a strike takes place within a radius of sixty-four blocks around the rod, it will hit it and the rod will emit redstone signals. To spawn a lightning strike in the rod, the player can throw a trident at it, but this must happen during a thunderstorm.

Dear friends, if you like the new features and the changes made in this version, go on and try it, but don’t forget to share the news with all your friends and leave feedback.
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Video of Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [114.43 Mb] (downloads: 80)

29 January, 2021
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