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29 March, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
The Glow Squids and Glow Item Frames were re-introduced to the game in Minecraft Bedrock These glowing new features have become very popular among the players, so the developers decided to create one more glow object called the Glow Lichen and introduce it in Minecraft Bedrock along with several good changes and the traditional list of bugfixes.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

We will tell you everything about the new changes and features, but first, let’s get it done with the bugfixes.
This time, the MCPE developers focused on fixing a lot of issues affecting the technical part of the MCPE game and to elaborate several minor changes, but since most of us are interested not in the technical details, but in the tangible and visible in-game features, we will enlist only the general bugfixes and changes, the ones that will make our gaming experience better than before:
  • Keyboard/mouse support was introduced for those Android devices, but of course only for those that support it, for example, Android Oreo
  • The problem provoking a blank screen o appear each time the player goes underwater was resolved (affecting only the Android users)
  • The problem of users not being able to shutdown their MCPE games was resolved (affecting only the Android users)
  • The wrong crosshair placement was corrected (affecting only the Android users)
  • The issue preventing Android users from exporting structure blocks was removed
  • The issue preventing users from typing in other languages than English was resolved (affecting only the Android users)
  • Multiple problems related to the networking and resolution were resolved (affecting only the Android users)
  • The problem making snow drop as blocks when destroyed by TNT was resolved
  • The problem making coal burn faster than it should was resolved
  • The problem making the lead that is attached to a goat appear higher than it should was resolved
  • The wrong drinking/eating position in first-person was corrected
  • The broken models of shields, bows and other similar objects were corrected
  • The problem of the weathered cut copper creating only one slab in the stonecutter was resolved (now it creates two)
  • The issue preventing users from canceling the connection on location server was resolved

And here are several changes and tweaks made in relation to some of the features brought to us by the previously-released game update:
  • From now on, making path grass blocks is possible by interacting with a shovel on the new rooted dirt blocks
  • Flowering azalea and flowering azalea leaves will be seen as normal flowers from now on from the perspective of the bees
  • Now the players have two more methods to make glow berries appear on cave vines: by breaking the vines with silk touch and by applying function
  • Pick Block
  • The height of the big dripleafs can be increased now by placing them on top of each other
  • Starting with this release, small dripleafs will drop as items if sheared
  • Starting with this release, hanging roots are compostable
  • Moss blocks can be fertilized now in dispensers

Dear players, now that you know about the fixed problems and about the changes brought by, we want to tell you about some details related to the Glow Lichen mentioned at the beginning of the article. So, this is another new experimental feature that you can explore by enabling the Caves & Cliffs Experimental Features toggle. The lichen is going to generate in caves, and as its name suggests, will represent a light source because it’s glowing. The player can:
  • Waterlog it
  • Compost it
  • Pick it up with shears
  • Spread it on blocks with bone meal

Below you can see how the Glow Lichen looks like.
Minecraft PE

We suggest you watch the video below this article if you want to find out more information on the beta before installing and trying it.
If you want to always be among the first MCPE users who learn about the freshest game updates, subscribe to our website. Here you will also discover a big number of popular texture packs, mods, and other surprises. Have a good time!

Trailer of MCPE

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [118.32 Mb] (downloads: 108)

29 March, 2021
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