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Minecraft PE

6 March, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
Minecraft PE, compared to Minecraft PE and Minecraft PE is a very interesting new version because the previous ones brought only several bug fixes and the removal of several truly awesome features. This time we will have the chance to re-welcome the mob that was recently withdrawn from the game due to the crashes it triggered. Also, you will also notice a lot of upgrades made in regard to the mountains and to the dripstones, and of course, many bug and crash fixes.

New features in Minecraft Bedrock

  • If you are reading the articles published on our website regularly, you know that recently a new mob, which is the Glow Squid was eliminated from the game because its behavior provoked serious issues preventing players from having a smooth gameplay. Well, today you can welcome this glowing underwater-leaving creature back.
    Minecraft PE

  • Another feature that was recently removed was the Glow Item Frames. Now these fantastic frames making items glow is available again.
  • Three weeks ago the players were given the option to dye sign texts, but due to some bugs, it was removed too. Starting with the present beta, all of us can choose the preferred color for our sign texts again.
  • The Mountains are way more interesting to explore now. The MCPE developers made a great job at improving their features. They added five sub-biomes: mountain groves and snowy slopes where rabbits and goats will spawn from now on, snow-capped and lofty peaks, and mountain meadows. There is a lot to explore, isn’t’ it? By wandering around the mountain you may also discover that the textures of most of the ores generating there were updated and there are three new ones!

  • The Dripstones were also seriously updated. The developers detected a very long list of errors affecting them, starting with the fact that the players used to receive a wrong death message when killed by one and ending in the fact that these blocks played incorrect sounds. Happily, the hard-working team succeeded in removing all the bugs.

In addition to all the hard work described above, the MCPE developers also managed to:
  • Fix several crashes, among which was one happening when a map was renamed with anvil while the second slot was occupied with something
  • Fix a bug preventing glowing text from working properly on Android
  • Fix one more bug preventing arrows from passing through structure voids
  • Make the players in Visitor mode drop their inventory upon their death
  • Make zombies, husks, pillagers, and other mobs hold their shields properly in their hands, not on their necks
  • Improve the rules for placing blocks on the sides of the top snow, and stair blocks
  • Fix a bug making the % symbol duplicate when introducing it in the titleText parameter in the /title command
  • Fix a bug making command /execute disregard the target’s dimension, paying attention only to its coordinates
  • Fix an error affecting the text-to-speech option (reading a wrong text on VR)
  • Fix a bug allowing villagers to pass through the wall when sleeping on a bed that is adjacent to it

Dear players, these and other fixes can be discovered by installing this beta. If you are interested in the technical part of the game, you will also notice many fixes and changes meant to improve this aspect.
If you are happy about all the new features this update brought to us, share the article with your friends, and leave feedback.
If you want to be notified about the newest game versions, follow us. This way you will also get the chance to check the most popular textures and other MCPE-related downloads. Have a good time!

Video of Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [115.85 Mb] (downloads: 590)

6 March, 2021
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