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Minecraft PE

10 April, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
Last week we all had the chance to try an awesome full version called Minecraft PE 1.16.220. In our opinion, the experience was good because first of, ai allowed us to play with our friends who also use full versions and of course, in Realms. Today we will try Minecraft PE which is a beta, but we assure you that you won’t be disappointed in it, especially if you grew fond of the new features introduced in the latest updates.
Minecraft PE

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

  • The order of blocks in the player’s inventory was slightly modified so that cobblestones, cobbled deepslates, and polished deepslates stand next to each other
  • The breaktime period of deepslates was modified
  • Lava’s and water’s frequency of dropping from pointed dripstones was increased
  • Underground waters can now have glowing lichen growing on their wall surfaces
  • When fertilized, moss can spread both horizontally and vertically now
  • Dripleafs will break entirely even if just a part of it is affected
  • From now on, dripleafs will drop dripleaf items
  • Different kinds of vegetation can be made to grow on moss by fertilizing the blocks
  • Small dropleafs are now compostable too, just like the big ones
  • Flowering and simple azaleas can be made to grow on azalea trees by fertilizing them
  • Horses can be protected from freezing when they walk through powder snow by equipping them with armor made of leather
  • Certain mobs, for example magma cubes will suffer from freezing starting with this release, even if they were indifferent towards this phenomenon earlier
  • Mobs somehow connected to cold biomes, for example snow golems and polar bears won’t suffer from freezing anymore
  • Entities will freeze quicker now and their frequency of taking damage will be increased
  • Entities will be able to advance vertically within powder snow faster now
  • Mining powder snow will take more time now
  • Entities who have leather boots won’t land on powder snow anymore. Instead, they will sink into it.
  • Entities on fire can melt snow by walking through it. In addition, their fire will extinguish with each step.
  • Freezing entities have a shaking animation now
  • Starting with this beta version, the wandering trader will trade many of the newly-introduced things, for example moss and dripstones
  • By searching in shipwrecks and abandoned mineshafts, players may find moss and glowing berries now
  • Axolotls and glowing squids may spawn in other waters than oceans now
  • Players will get specific messages in case they try to place blocks that are below the minimum admittable height
  • The underwaters will look better thanks to improved visibility and deeper color
  • The technical aspect of the game was improved

Like always, the MCPE developers had to fix a number of problems detected by them and the most active MCPE users:
  • The fact that players were not able to turn off the bobbing settings was resolved
  • The wrong behavior of zombie villagers when someone cures them was fixed
  • The fact that players could spawn in the craziest locations when starting playing in a new world was fixed because sometimes spawning in such places could be fatal
  • The wrong output sound for command /stopsound was fixed
  • The weird-looking auras of charged creepers and withers were corrected
  • The issue preventing paintings from rendering was resolved
  • The missing animation when players switch between certain items in their main hands was fixed
  • The wrong breaktime of the deepslate bricks was corrected
  • The problem making some strange unknown objects appear in the inventory was removed
  • The problem not letting players attach leads to axolotls normally was resolved
  • The crash happening when glowing lichen is placed on any block sides was resolved
  • Players can now use silk touch tools to mine hanging roots and they will drop the right item

Unfortunately, there are still more problems to deal with, for example, the fact that some village details strangely generate under the ground, but the MCPE developers are already working on this and we are sure that in the near future, they will present more bugfixes.
Now you know the basic features of the new beta, but if you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to watch the video trailer.
We are doing our best to inform our subscribers about the latest game versions and other game-related news, so follow our website. This way you will also get the chance to check the most interesting maps, the most beautiful textures, and other cool surprises. Have a good time!

Trailer of MCPE

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [131.3 Mb] (downloads: 357)

10 April, 2021
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