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Minecraft PE 1.16.220

8 April, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
We love it when the Mojang Team releases new beta versions, especially when they contain cool new features, like Minecraft PE and Minecraft PE did, but we must agree that full game versions are even better because they assure more stable builds and they allow our access to Realms. This morning you can put your best smile on because we have a new full version, that is Minecraft PE 1.16.220, to enjoy!

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

The MCPE developers fixed very many issues affecting the stability of the game, some commands, the Character Creator, the UI, and several blocks and mobs:
  • The game used to crash in many situations, for example when someone entered the nether portal with a bottle of enchantment or when renaming a name with anvil while the second square is not empty, but it won’t anymore, at least not as a cause of the detected problems.
  • The issue of command /clear not behaving as it should for blocks of data values above 0 was fixed
  • The issue making command blocks list a wrong number of ticking areas in case the user adds a new ticking area before listing was fixed
    The issue making the % sign appear twice in a command even if the user wrote it just once was fixed
  • A serious issue making command /execute teleport entities to other dimensions than it should was fixed
  • A bug coloring the character’s feet bottom in the same color as his pants in case there is no footwear equipped was fixed
  • A bug affecting Alex’s shirt in case it is equipped with different pants was fixed
  • A bug preventing skins from being saved for the local players and updated for the remote users when changing them in split screen was fixed
  • A bug making other users appear as Steve when in multiplayer sessions was fixed
  • The problem of the “hooray” skin disappearing from the list after it is purchased was fixed
  • The problem not allowing players to use the ‘’back” button using their keyboards was fixed
  • The bug making the text in the sign in button look incorrect was fixed
  • The bug preventing players from getting to the list of featured offers after choosing a featured option on the profile screen was fixed
  • A few UI-related bugs affecting the death screens and the occluded UI elements when playing in VR were fixed
  • The bug preventing the “results” field in the marketplace inventory from updating when it should was fixed
  • The bug preventing players from selecting options in the NPC was fixed
  • The “find friends” button was enabled on Xbox devices
  • The bug making the piston’s normal texture disappear was fixed
  • The bug making shield passing through certain mobs’ necks was fixed
  • The behavior and textures of the drowned when they use tridents were corrected
  • The issue of non-persistent mobs despawning right after entering the nether was fixed

Besides all these fixes, the MCPE developers also managed to make the signs more interesting by introducing the option to dye them in different colors.
Minecraft PE 1.16.220

They also carried out several technical fixes and made some updates to make the work of the map and addon creators easier.
Unfortunately, there are a few issues left unsolved this time. These are:
  • Paintings turning invisible when placed
  • Impossibility to join a LAN session in case the player does not have an Xbox Live Gold subscription (affecting only the Xbox users)

Anyway, we are sure that these problems will be fixed in the near future and we will experience an even better gameplay.
Like you already noticed, we always make everything possible to inform our subscribers about the latest updates promptly, so we recommend you to follow our website. This way, you will also have the chance to explore a multitude of free texture packs, mods, and more. Have a good time!

Video Trailer of MCPE 1.16.220 Full Version

Minecraft PE 1.16.220

Minecraft PE 1.16.220 [114.28 Mb] (downloads: 570)

8 April, 2021

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