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5 June, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
Dear Minecraft Bedrock fans, unfortunately, this week’s release, that is Minecraft PE is not available for the Android users, but if you are one of them, don’t worry because we are sure that you will be able to enjoy the future ones. Knowing how hard the MCPE developers are working, this will happen really soon, so be patient. Anyway, multiplayer with Minecraft PE released last week is still compatible with the one we will talk about today.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

The game developers with the help of the most active game fans discovered that there are very many issues preventing MCPE from working as intended, so they:
  • Fixed a crash that used to occur when the Experimental features are on and the player breaks certain blocks
  • Corrected the numbers that used to be highlighted on the main menu page
  • Corrected a misspelled word in the “How to play” tab
  • Fixed the “Reset to Default” button that used to work incorrectly
  • Fixed issue of baby turtles despawning when the player travels at a certain distance away from them
  • Fixed a strange issue of players swimming on ceilings without being in the water
  • Fixed bastion loot table numbers not matching their numbers in the Java edition of the game
  • Fixed the issue of strays dropping wither skulls when killed by charged creepers
  • Fixed the issue of goats failing to ram on certain blocks (honey, slime)
  • Corrected goats’ fall damage so it matches the Java edition
  • Corrected the speed of goats and other mobs moving when tempted by the player
  • Corrected the issue of villagers obtained from villager spawners in Marketplace maps that were developed using recent game versions not spawning as V2 villagers
  • Fixed the issue of glow squids changing their normal color into black when attacked
  • Corrected the height and size of all the horse variants in MCPE
  • Fixed the issue of amphibious mobs failing to walk on slabs
  • Fixed the issue of music discs disappearing after being used in the jukebox
  • Fixed the issue of villagers refusing to buy pumpkins
  • Fixed the issue of underwater fog color not matching the one in the Java edition
  • Fixed sign colored texts having a too dark color
  • Fixed the issue of ink sacs being usable indefinitely on signs
  • Fixed the issue of missing tooltips when using controllers on normal and glow ink sacs
  • Fixed the issue of glow ink sacs not working on signs
  • Fixed the issue of sign texts that are colored with ink sacs not being outlined like in the Java edition
  • Fixed the issue of grindstone not removing higher XP costs for later repairs when disenchanting items
  • Updated the DisplayNameItemComponent documentation
  • Fixed the issue of ice blocks that are created with frost walker enchantment not being detectible or placeable with commands
  • Fixed the issue of glow lichens not dropping their selves when sheared
  • Fixed the issue of diamonds generating with an incorrect distribution
  • Fixed the issue of azalea and flowering azalea not being placeable in pots
    Minecraft PE

These are the main bugfixes carried out for the new beta. For more information about it, we recommend you watch the video trailer.
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Clip Trailer of MCPE

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [122.64 Mb] (downloads: 167)

5 June, 2021
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