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Minecraft PE

25 June, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
Minecraft Bedrock is the newest game version. We are happy to inform you that it contains much more features than the previous two updates, especially Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.2. Even if the present one is a beta, this meaning that the builds created in it may be slightly unstable compared to those created in full versions and that it does not allow players to join Realms, the changes brought by it are worth checking.

Changelog of Minecraft Bedrock

Try this beta and you will discover that:
  • Swords are now able to destroy bamboos with just one hit
    Minecraft PE

  • There is a new method to prevent beds and respawn anchors from exploding. This is a new game rule called respawn blocks explode
  • Worlds with the "Caves and Cliffs" experimental toggle enabled have the same spawn as those that have the toggle disabled
  • The functions of the sound toggle sliders in MCPE have been changed
  • Several user interface bugs have been fixed
  • The monster spawn rate in the Nether decreased from 30-40 to 15-20 mobs
  • The click sounds played when interacting with a block can be modified using the "Blocks" volume slider
  • The sounds played when switching Levers have been changed
  • The error making the shulker box content disappear when the player dyes it was fixed
  • Spruce and birch leaves do not change their colors depending on the biome
  • New powder snow blocks won’t generate when using buckets of such snow on a cauldron filled with it
  • The sound played by the water bucket being on fully filled cauldron has been changed
  • Bees can pollinate cave vine
  • The Enchanting table now has a different light level
  • The bug making pointed dripstones fall incorrectly was fixed
  • Powder snow can be picked up using dispensers
  • Corrected a few errors regarding the text spelling when placing a sign on rooted dirt
  • Targets transmit Redstone signals
  • Commands /message and /tell work without having to enable cheats
  • Mobs do not disappear when teleporting between dimensions
  • The shield’s position in the offhand was fixed
  • A bug affecting the boots enchanted with the "Soul Speed" effect was fixed
  • Baby goats no longer have horns
  • Diamond Pickaxes in Hoglin Stables are enchanted by default
  • The position of bubble columns placed with structure blocks was fixed

Besides all these benefic changes, the game developers also worked on the technical aspect and added new possibilities for the map makers and addon creators.
We recommend you watch the video below this article if you want to find out more detailed information about the present beta.
Either you are an experimented Bedrock user or a newcomer, we must warn you that you should always make copies of your existing game worlds before installing a new beta because otherwise you risk not being able to access them in the future.
To be informed about all the upcoming game versions and about the best mods, maps, and other MCPE-related surprises, subscribe to our website and have a good time!

Video of MCPE

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [124.08 Mb] (downloads: 36)

25 June, 2021
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