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Minecraft PE

22 July, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
The last version we talked about, namely Minecraft PE 1.17.10, brought us a lot of surprises. The game developers focused mainly on the caves, but they decided that this isn’t enough. Even if there is a lot to see inside them, players get often distracted by hostile mobs spawning around and they decided to correct this issue. By reading this article about Minecraft PE you will find out how.

Experimental features of Minecraft Bedrock

Like in the previous version, you will have to enable Experimental Features again. By doing this you will get the opportunity to use light sources in caves and this will help you avoid monsters from spawning and get you distracted from exploring all the beautiful blocks, plants, and other surprises offered by these magic underground places. Of course that it would be nice having caves lacking hostile mobs, but some of us would get bored, so the developers made them spawn like before, but only in complete darkness.
Minecraft PE

The rest of the actions carried out for this version are not so noticeable, but we will enlist some of them:
  • Several crashes happening in different situations during the game have been fixed
  • Made an appropriate tooltip term appear when the player rides an entity
  • Worked on several spelling issues detected when using the Character Creator option
  • Worked on removing error messages appearing in case the player uses a wired network
  • Made the recipe book display only those recipes that can be crafted
  • In case certain ingredients are not available, the developers decided to introduce nether blocks in the crafting grids
  • Made recipes deselect themselves in case the player lacks one or more required ingredients
  • A message suggesting players use experimental features when loading beta worlds was removed
  • Added more sounds for the goats
  • Reduced the excessive number of phantoms spawning in the world
  • Fixed the bug making armor and tools equipped on an armor stand break if the stand gets affected by lava while they should drop as items
  • Modified the way axolotls spawn
  • Fixed the enchanting table that used to render incorrectly
  • Fixed pistons and blocks turning white when used together
  • Fixed the issue of vines not growing after being harvested once
  • Fixed the issue of glow lichen not breaking after a second when sheared
  • Fixed the issue of nether portals and other things breaking when crossing chunk borders
  • Fixed the issue of armor and weapons remaining on the ground upon the player’s death
  • Fixed the issue of light blocks being invisible when held
  • Fixed the issue of moss block on tuff not spreading to grow lush plants when bonemealed
  • Fixed the issue of falling blocks, for example, sand breaking when landing on blocks that have a full-height hitbox, for example, hoppers
  • Fixed the issue of snow failing to melt when using a torch
  • Fixed the issue of sea pickles emitting light underwater even after the water is being removed with a bucket
  • Fixed the bug making bubble columns remain after a dispenser pulls water in

This is the main information about the present beta. Download and see all the changes with your own eyes, share the article with your friends so they can enjoy it too, and leave feedback.
We will keep publishing articles about all the upcoming game versions and not only, but learn about them as soon as they are released, subscribe to our website. This way you will also get the opportunity to try dozens of amazing free maps, mods, etc. We promise that you will have a good time!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [124.92 Mb] (downloads: 41)

22 July, 2021
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