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Minecraft PE

24 July, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
The last article published on our website was about the Minecraft PE Caves and Cliffs beta version. Most players appreciated its features, especially the developer’s work on the spawning process of monsters in caves. Today we will explore Minecraft PE and even if its features are not so spectacular, we still consider you will find them helpful.

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

By installing the beta we are talking about in this article, you will discover:
  • That game crashes happen less often and definitely not in case you craft crafting tables while having your gameplay tips enabled
  • That pasting of the book and quill Unicode texts was optimized
  • You won’t get a wrong message when loading structures with command /structure
  • That an item transferring animation accompanies the recipe deselecting process
  • That the Dressing Room and the Marketplace have new sidebars. The mission of these sidebars is to let players navigate the above-mentioned areas more productively
  • That the input of Korean and Chinese languages in the chat create no problems
  • That by enabling the text-to-speech option using Ctrl+B you won’t make the emote wheel UI appear too
  • That the sides of beds and chests are not visually entirely lit or dark regardless of the light source position
  • That you won’t die of fall damage when using end portals in Survival anymore
  • That projectiles won’t move in such a weird way when in the distance
  • That you won’t get error messages when holding shields in the Marketplace
  • That you can now place lingering, strong, and other potions in the brewing stand manually
  • That spore blossoms have correct hitboxes now
  • That moss carpets break when moved by pistons
  • That cauldrons containing potions cannot become potion-filled just by using water dripping from dripstones
  • That the slowdown effect caused by slime blocks and honey blocks apply to the player’s movements correctly
  • That skeletons, zombies and other such mobs burn normally when in powder snow and that this snow above the mobs prevent them from burning
  • That shulkers won’t spawn inside of each other or on top of each other in end cities
  • That mobs won’t stop walking when facing amethyst buds
  • That your tamed horses won’t disappear randomly
  • That goats won’t lose their precious horns when the gaming world is being reloaded
  • That mobs won’t get hit by lightning through blocks

Minecraft PE

Dear players, these are all the changes brought by the new version. Of course, the developers carried out several technical modifications too but we will leave them for the content creators.
If you want to try the update, don’t forget to back up your existing world first if you are planning to access it in the future. Also mind the worlds created in this beta cannot be accessed using older versions, so make copies of them too, just in case.
Please let your friends know about this nice release too by sharing the article with them and tell us what you think about the changes by leaving feedback.
Follow us to get informed about all the upcoming game versions and about the newest and most popular mods, textures, and other game-related surprises. Have a good time!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [125.76 Mb] (downloads: 34)

24 July, 2021
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