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Minecraft PE

22 October, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
A few weeks ago we had the chance to learn about and try the very first beta of the legendary Caves and Cliffs update Part Two called Minecraft PE Most of the players admitted that they have been delighted by all the carried-out changes. Today the second beta, namely Minecraft PE, is ready and we hope you are interested enough to find out about what it contains.

Features in Minecraft Bedrock

Before enlisting all the new features, let us remind you that all the features that we knew as experimental before are officially part of the game now, and to enjoy them, you do not need to enable the already well-known toggle before starting playing.
This new beta’s features are:
  • A lot of new music for the main menu and the Overworld. All the tracks are by the famous Kumi Tanioka and Lena Raine. There is even a Lena Raine’s music disc, but we must warn you that it won’t be easy to find it (hint: search in stronghold corridors and dungeons). Players who are using mobile phones to play will have to download the music pack from the Marketplace.
    Minecraft PE

  • The Create New World screen does not contain the “old” world type anymore. Even if you can still enjoy your old worlds, note that they will not be updated with the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update features.
  • Light blocks are now resistant to explosions
  • When breaking a campfire (either by explosion or using pistons), it will drop two charcoals, not only one as it did before
  • Glow lichens do not grow on ocean bottoms and above the ground in bedrock anymore
  • All the locations where magma features used to generate in have been modified so that players can explore the underwater world more comfortably
  • When placing village buildings, they won’t take as much space as before
  • The Gaussian distribution was modified into triangle distribution

All these changes are nice and interesting, but there is one that is most important. This is a new experimental toggle called Vanilla Experiments. When enabled, it features goat horns and sculk blocks (yes, they have been moved under this toggle). It also features a new kind of block called Deep Dark block. This category of blocks include:
  • Sculk blocks
  • Sculk vein blocks
  • Sculk shrieker blocks
  • Sculk catalyst blocks

The game developers also included a number of bug fixes in this beta. The most important ones are:
  • Fixed incorrect messages in the play screen when the player chooses to block multiplayer
  • Fixed paintings that used to break when attempting to load into the gaming world
  • Fixed boss bars remaining unchanged when they shouldn’t, for example when a raider gets hurt
  • Fixed villagers that used to stop their activities when the world’s time exceeds a certain number of game days
  • Fixed glitch making plants remain in the flower pot even after removing them from there
  • Fixed llama’s riding position when tamed
  • Fixed bugs affecting the tropical fish spawning in certain places
  • Fixed StructureVoid block that used to affect the player’s behavior when in a cave filled with these kinds of blocks
  • Fixed fire charges that used to get consumed even when used on blocks that already burn, for example on already lit candles or activated nether portals

In addition to everything that we have described above, the MCPE developers also managed to fix several game crashes and carry out a few technical updates.
For more detailed information about Minecraft Bedrock, you can watch the video trailer.
To find out about the upcoming game versions, follow our website. This will also give you the possibility to try many interesting maps, mods, and other surprises. Have a good time!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [132.09 Mb] (downloads: 22)

22 October, 2021
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