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7 December, 2019
Game Minecraft PE
There isn’t much to describe in Minecraft because it brings only several not very noticeable changes (even less than in Minecraft, but anyway, we are always glad to learn about this or that problem being fixed or about changes that can make our gameplay more interesting.
We will talk about the changes featured in this beta a little later, but first, let us warn you that Minecraft will replace your currently used version, so make sure to save any builds you want to keep. The builds created in should be saved too because they cannot be accessed using an older game version.
Note that while trying the beta, you will have no access to Realms and to other players using non-beta versions.

What's New in Minecraft Bedrock

The present game update brings mainly bugfixes, but there is a small change in the behavior of the bees. From now on they are going to die instantly after using their stings.
Besides this new feature, you might notice that there are fewer crashes occurring during the gameplay.
More fixes:
  • The text for some Resource and Behavior Packs had to be fixed, but now it looks properly.
  • The slow loading speed of some skins on Featured Servers was improved.
  • A texture bug related to the player’s hands when seen from the first-person perspective was fixed.

Now you can download the beta by clicking on the button below the article, share it with your friends and leave feedback.
Visit our website on a regular basis to always be up to date with the game’s latest updates and to be able to try the most interesting maps, mods and other cool files related to Minecraft Bedrock!

Video of MCPE


Download Minecraft [90.19 Mb] (downloads: 1677)

7 December, 2019

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Bruno1 January 2020, 12:09
i can not play of  correct form every time the Game close and i can not enter again
Surya15 April 2020, 08:24

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