Texture Pack Better Tools 1.13

26 December, 2019
Minecraft PE Textures
Sometimes the textures of the tools we use daily in our Minecraft activity might bore us, so we decided it would be nice to give you the opportunity to improve them thanks to Texture Pack Better Tools.

How does Texture Pack Better Tools work

This texture pack changes the textures of the tools as seen below, according to the material they are made of, that is wood, iron, gold etcetera.

If you want to obtain improved textures for other Minecraft elements, you can also try Texture Pack 3D Leaves Model and Improved Water 16x16 Texture pack.
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By the way, a new beta, which is Minecraft was released just several days ago, so make sure to be among the first players to explore it.
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Have fun!
Download Texture Pack Better Tools [15.36 Kb] (downloads: 52)

26 December, 2019
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