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Texture Pack Yeetus's Default Edit PvP 1.16.201

3 July, 2021
Minecraft PE Textures
Our website features a lot of amazing texture packs, but if you like playing PvP games, we have a really special surprise for you. This is Texture Pack Yeetus's Default Edit PvP. This pack will not only improve your world’s environment, but it also adds cool new weapons and shields but also improved hotbars, bow indicators, better enchant effects, and more.

Features of Textures Yeetus's Default Edit PvP

Install this pack and get ready to enjoy the following features:
  • Shortswords (these swords are handier to use in PvP games because they do not prevent you from seeing your opponents)
    Texture Pack Yeetus's Default Edit PvP 1.16.201

  • Low-placed shields
  • Improved armor

  • A better fishing rod
  • Low fire
  • Better enchant effects
  • Improved hotbars
  • Bow indicator
  • Ore highlights

  • Realistic and dynamic sky

  • Realistic moon and sun
  • A new UI

Below you can see several screenshots that we consider are good proof that this pack is worth trying.

If you want to download the above-described texture pack, click on the button below the article but first, make sure you have installed one of the required game versions (the earliest one suitable for it is Minecraft PE 1.16.201).
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Texture Pack Yeetus's Default Edit PvP

Texture Pack Yeetus's Default Edit PvP [7.74 Mb] (downloads: 445)

3 July, 2021
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