Texture Packs for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition has a lot of nice features and is truly unique, but after the first entry into the game one big disadvantage scares every beginner: the graphics is not the best side of Minecraft PE. That’s why resource packs were invented - to change the appearance and even re-change sound MCPE. Select here the resource pack (texture pack) for the Minecraft PE version and install it on your Android or IOS device.

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Texture Pack Autumn 1.16

It has been two weeks since winter started, but some of us just can’t accept the fact that autumn, with all its vibrant colors is gone. If you are one of us, try Texture Pack Autumn.

15 December, 2020

Texture Pack GSV Shaders 1.16

If you want to play in a beautiful MCPE world and admire its stunning environment during the daytime and during the nighttime, you won’t regret trying Texture Pack GSV Shaders.

12 December, 2020

Texture Pack Vanilla Raytraced 1.16

Ray Tracing, also known as RTX represents a technique that makes the light in video games act like in real life and now you can check how it works in your MCPE world.

12 November, 2020

Texture Pack Haptic Shader 1.13

Some of us use low-end devices to play MCPE and because of some sophisticated shaders, our game can lag. Texture Pack Haptic Shader was developed for such cases.

8 November, 2020

Texture Pack Cosmetic PVP 1.14

PvP (Player versus player) games are fun and bring friends together, but sometimes the animations when fighting are not good enough. Texture Pack Cosmetic PVP is here to save the situation.

15 October, 2020

Texture Pack CONFUSION Resource Pack 1.14

Get ready to try one of the craziest texture packs ever! Texture Pack CONFUSION Resource Pack reshapes and changes the sounds many blocks in order to confuse us.

1 October, 2020

Texture Pack Improved Cobblestone 1.13

Cobblestones are one of the most frequently seen stones in Minecraft PE and if you like how it looks, we recommend you to try Texture Pack Improved Cobblestone.

13 August, 2020

Texture Pack Sylum Shader 1.14

After installing Texture Pack Sylum Shader you are not going to recognize your Minecraft PE world because the lighting, colors and other aspects will become much better.

4 June, 2020