Addon Plants vs Zombies Veteran Update 1.16

21 November, 2020
Minecraft PE Mods
The original Plants vs Zombies is a very popular video game and two of its most interesting levels are The Ancient Egypt and The Veteran Zombies. Addon Plants vs Zombies Veteran Update that you will have the chance to download by clicking the button below this article includes characters from both these levels in addition to the basic ones.

Changelog in addon Plants vs Zombies Veteran Update

Initially, the addon included only the basic plants and zombies from the original video game, but in a recent update, the addon creator decided to add some more characters in order to make the playing experience more challenging and interesting. These characters were inspired from two of the most popular game levels, namely The Ancient Egypt and The Veteran Zombies.


Below you can see all the available plants that are meant to fight zombies. All of them are powerful and each has individual abilities, for example giving the zombie a withering effect or launching watermelons towards it. Please mind that the explosive plants can be quite dangerous when used, so we do not recommend doing it near your builds.
Addon Plants vs Zombies Veteran Update 1.16


Below are the pictures of the available zombies, including those featured in the levels we talked about earlier. Some of them are weaker, some are stronger, but there are some, for example, Doctor Zomboss Egypt is almost invincible.

All the plants and zombies are available in the player’s inventory.
Important! To be able to use this addon properly, you should know about the following rules:
  1. The addon works only on Minecraft PE 1.16 or any of the other later game versions
  2. You must disable the “Biodestruction” option
  3. You must enable Experimental Gameplay.

If you are ready for some fun with these crazy plants and zombies, hit the download button, share the article with your Bedrock buddies, and leave feedback.
By visiting our website you can explore a lot of other interesting mods when you get bored with this one. Here you will also find many other interesting MCPE-related downloads. Have a good time!
Addon Plants vs Zombies Veteran Update

Addon Plants vs Zombies Veteran Update [8.87 Mb] (downloads: 7)

21 November, 2020
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