Addon Trevor Henderson 1.16

3 January, 2021
Minecraft PE Mods
If you like meeting unusual and interesting mobs in your Bedrock world, we recommend you try Addon Trevor Henderson. It brings some of the most funny-looking creatures, but mind that most of them can be dangerous.

Features of addon Trevor Henderson

This addon brings two new items and eight new entities.

Available items:

Gun. This item is dropped by the old detective (see description below) upon his death. You can use it to kill your enemies but keep in mind that after using it, your life hearts will decrease to just one.
Addon Trevor Henderson 1.16

Spoiled milk. This item is dropped by Milk Walker see description below) upon its death. You can also craft it according to the recipe, but we must warn you that this milk has no beneficial effects.

Available entities:

Old detective. This is the guy dropping the guns mentioned above. Like it is easily understandable, he attacks his victims by shooting.

Milk Walker. This is the second entity mentioned when we were talking about the available items. It chases its victims and attacks them

Totl. This funny character is not very friendly either. It has the custom to kill any mob or player on its way.

Extra Slide. Don’t even think to slide here because we can assure you this is no fun. This slide kills players and plays a satisfaction roaring sound after.

Ribbit is another hostile mob killing players. Besides killing, it has the ability to jump higher than any other mob.

Yoyo. Even if this creature looks so innocent and sweet, it kills players too.

Hugger. Don’t get tempted by this mob’s desire to hug. His seemingly nice attempt to give you a hug can cost you your life.

Nurpo. Finally here is a friendly mob. Nurpo’s only interest is in eating coins.

Dear players, if you want to meet all the above-described entities, go on and click on the download button below, but first, make sure you have installed Minecraft PE 1.16 or one of the later game versions.
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Addon Trevor Henderson

Addon Trevor Henderson [1.26 Mb] (downloads: 91)

3 January, 2021
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