Addon New Player Animation 1.16

14 January, 2021
Minecraft PE Mods
Steve’s movements look rather unrealistic when he walks, runs, and performs other actions. Thanks to Addon New Player Animation he will look more natural and comfortable in his movements.

Features of addon New Player Animation

Thanks to this addon, Steve’s animations will become better when he:
Bobs (including when he bobs holding a weapon, tool, and/or shield)
Addon New Player Animation 1.16


Sprints (including when he is jumping while sprinting or sprints holding a weapon, tool and/or shield)



Is on fire

Rides an entity




with his hands or with a weapon or a block


Besides all these cool animations, the addon also includes a very custom cape for Steve to wear.

If you want to see Steve’s new animations, download the addon by clicking on the button below the article, share it with other MCPE users, and leave feedback.
To check more mods, visit our website. Here you will also find the latest game versions. We recommend you to try Minecraft PE which is the first beta released this year. Have a good time!
Download Addon New Player Animation [1.95 Mb] (downloads: 23)

14 January, 2021
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