Addon Natural (Nature) Structures 1.16.200

7 February, 2021
Minecraft PE Mods
Addon Natural (Nature) Structures adds interesting new structures for six biomes. Each of them can be downloaded separately using the buttons below the article, but first, you must make sure you have installed one of the latest game versions, the earliest one suitable being Minecraft PE 1.16.200.

Features of addon Natural (Nature) Structures

The Arid Biome:

In this biome, you will find the next new features:
Many new types of cacti. Their parts can be crafted according to the last picture below.
Addon Natural (Nature) Structures 1.16.200

Dead Trees

Burned logs that can be used to obtain black dye

Dead levaes


Fungi that can be crafted according to the pictures below

Screenshots of the Arid Biomes:

The Forest Biome:

The following new features can be found in ordinary and birch forests:
Piles of sticks

Rocks. They can be thrown at your enemies and they also drop pebbles. The pebbles can be used to craft arrows and cobblestone

Wood slabs

Mossy logs

Trunks and dead logs

Big trees


Birch and oak bushes

Screenshots of the Forest Biomes:

The Tropical Biome:

The following features can be found in oceans and on beaches:
Ordinary, flat, tall, and nautilus sea shells

Driftwood. It can drop oak planks

Beach pebbles. They can drop granite, andesite, and diorite

Turtle nests

Palm trees

Coconut trees and coconuts

Screenshots of the Tropical Biomes:

The Flower Biome:

In flower forests, you will discover:
Flower part blocks

Beehive blocks

Honey floor
that can drop honey bottles



Screenshots of the Flower Biomes:

The Snow Biome:

The new features can be found in taigas and tundras. They are:
Little icicles

Pine trees

Dead pine trees

Pine planks

Pine wood
that can be transformed into branches according to the crafting recipes below

Pine cones


Brown Terracota

Screenshots of the Snow Biomes:

The Swamp Biome:

In swamps, you will discover:
Mud that can be smelted into bricks according to the recipe below

Drying Rack. This rack can be used to dry leaves. The process takes up to thirty seconds.

Swamp bushes

Mushroom clumps

Screenshots of the Swamp Biomes:

Dear players, as we already mentioned, all these new features can be easily enjoyed, but you will have to download all the biomes separately. All the download buttons are below the article.
If you want to explore more mods, welcome to our website. There are dozens of them there and they are all free! Have a good time!
Addon Natural (Nature) Structures Arid Biome

Addon Natural (Nature) Structures Forest Biome

Addon Natural (Nature) Structures Tropical Biome

Addon Natural (Nature) Structures Flower Biome

Addon Natural (Nature) Structures Snow Biome

Addon Natural (Nature) Structures Swamp Biome

7 February, 2021

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faajne, tyle ZE Komputer wykrył wirusa i hakerów

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