Addon Minecraft ++ 1.16.200

16 March, 2021
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We hope you are using one of the latest game versions because only this way you can try the addon we will talk about today. The earliest version suitable for it is Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.200. Addon Minecraft ++ is a very interesting and useful addon, because it gives the player the possibility to mine for new ores and to use them for creating very strong tools and weapons.

How does addon Minecraft ++ work

Obtaining the tools and weapons provided by this addon is not easy. First, you will have to mine for some ores (Molten, Adamantite, Mythril, Cobalt, Silver)
Addon Minecraft ++ 1.16.200

You will also need clay to create a smelter that will be used to smelt the above-mentioned ores

You will also need a crafting station

The smelter works if it is fueled with charcoal or coal. Lava is also suitable.

Now that you know how to obtain crafting stations and smelters, you can start crafting weapons and tools.


  • Veinminer Pickaxes

  • Lumber Axes

  • Strong Hammers


  • Boomerangs
  • Longswords
  • Rapiers
  • Scythes
  • Katanas
  • Halberds

Using all these weapons and tools, your enemies will have no chance against you and you will be able to mine more easily and effectively.
If you want to install this addon, make sure you are using a suitable game version and click on the button below.
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Addon Minecraft ++

Addon Minecraft ++ [209.39 Kb] (downloads: 14)

16 March, 2021
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