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Addon Infected Sans 1.16.220

7 May, 2021
Minecraft PE Mods
Have you ever player Undertale? If you did, you probably know how dangerous can Infected Sans be. Now, thanks to Addon Infected Sans, it can enter and attack you in your Bedrock world.

Features of addon Infected Sans

Infected Sans is a horrible Sans that aims to infect and kill all living creatures. Even if he looks a lot like Horrortale Sans, there are several differences. These are his one white eye, while the second is entirely black, and he always holds a bloody knife.
Addon Infected Sans 1.16.220

Infected Sans is a boss who has almost infinite health and extremely serious attack damage. Moreover, there are several ways he can use to attack.
He can attack using:
  • Bones

  • Gaster Blasters

  • Soul

In addition to all these attacking abilities, he may also transform into a terrifying black creature called the Black Being.

If you are not scared enough by this monster’s description and pictures yet, you can also watch the video trailer below the article. This will help you decide either you have enough courage to download the addon or not.
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For other cool new mods, visit our website. Here you will also discover the latest game versions, including Minecraft PE 1.16.220 which is the earliest one suitable for the described above addon. Have a good time!

Video Trailer of Addon Infected Sans

Addon Infected Sans

Addon Infected Sans [5.8 Mb] (downloads: 24)

7 May, 2021
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