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Addon Mystic Weapon 1.16.210

17 May, 2021
Minecraft PE Mods
We all know how difficult is to defeat hostile mobs sometimes. The vanilla weapons, even the strong ones are often not good enough. Today we have a very good and interesting solution: to fight them using magic weapons that are provided by Addon Mystic Weapon.

How does addon Mystic Weapon work

The mystic (magic) weapons and armor brought by this addon can be crafted from different element stones. The stones are not easy to obtain, but the result is worth it. You will have to look for them in hidden chests from buried treasures, end cities, and other hard-to-access places or buy them from the wandering trader (he asks for twelve emeralds). You can also obtain them as drops when destroying wither bosses.

Available element stones:

  • Light Element Stone
  • Lightning Element Stone
  • Water Element Stone
  • Wind Element Stone
  • Earth Element Stone
  • Fire Element Stone

Each of the above-listed stones has its color and by breaking one on the crafting table, you will obtain nine stone shards (see example below). The shards will be useful in both crafting weapons and in repairing them.
Addon Mystic Weapon 1.16.210

Available weapons:

  • Earth Element Evocation Staff

  • Fire Element Fiery Wand

  • Water Element Purifier Wand

  • Wind Element Tempest Staff

  • Lightning Element Scepter

  • Light Element Teleportation Scepter

  • Magic Swords (they can be crafted from any of the element stones and will have different effects) (see crafting example below)

  • Earth Element Cataclysm Blade Sword
  • Water Element Scarlet Blade Sword
  • Wind Element Scimitar Crusader
  • Lightning Element Sword
  • Light Element Flicker Blade Sword
  • Magic Axes (they can be crafted from any of the element stones and will have different effects) (see crafting example below)

  • Earth Element Venom Axe
  • Lightning Element Death Swift Axe
  • Water Element Cerulean Edge Axe
  • Wind Element Gravity Axe
  • Fire Element Blood Cursed Edge Axe
  • Light Element Crescent Axe

We will let you discover all these weapons’ abilities individually, but if you want to take a sneak peek, watch the video trailer below this article.
We are sure you can‘t wait to experiment with all these magic weapons and to defeat your enemies in such a fun way, so hurry and click on the download buttons below.
To make sure you can use this addon, install one of the latest game versions, Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.210 being the earliest one suitable.
For more mods and other interesting game-related surprises, visit our website and have a good time!

Video Trailer of Addon Mystic Weapon

Addon Mystic Weapon

Addon Mystic Weapon Behavior Pack [339.14 Kb] (downloads: 107)

Addon Mystic Weapon Resource Pack [339.2 Kb] (downloads: 72)

17 May, 2021
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