Addon Nature's Spirit 1.16.201

3 June, 2021
Minecraft PE Mods
Addon Nature's Spirit was developed to make your Bedrock world more vibrant and interesting by adding new biomes with great features and by improving some existent ones by adding new trees, flowers, leaves, blocks, and much more.

Features of addon Nature's Spirit

By installing this wonderful new addon, you will see that your world can become much better. Here is what new features you will discover in the following biomes:
  • The Swamps Biome. In addition to the existent features, the addon creator introduced new mangrove and willow trees, mud meant to make the player’s walking process more challenging, and a dense new kind of fog to make the biome’s ambiance more mysterious.
    Addon Nature's Spirit 1.16.201

  • The Cherry Blossom Forests. These forests can be found near jungle biomes. By exploring them, you will discover beautiful white and pink sakura trees, bamboo trees, and many cute panda bears.

  • The Savanna Biome. This biome is beautiful as it is, but now it can become even better. Thanks to the addon, in addition to the existent features, it will also contain baobab trees and steeper plateaus.

  • The Desert Biomes will also more interesting to explore now because there you will discover two new sub-biomes: Oasis and Rocky Deserts. By visiting the oasis, you will be able to enjoy palm trees and grass. The rocky deserts contain pretty small bushes, grass and dirt patches, and two new kinds of trees: mahogany and palo verde.

  • The Pine Cliffs is another new biome where, as its name suggests, you will find a lot of pine trees.

The wood obtained from all the new trees can be used in crafting recipes like any other old type of wood.

If the pictures and descriptions above did not convince you to try the addon yet, watch the video trailer below the article.
To download the addon, all you have to do is click on the free button below the trailer, but to be able to enjoy it, you will have to install Minecraft PE 1.16.201 or a newer game version.
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Video Trailer of Addon Nature's Spirit

Addon Nature's Spirit

Addon Nature's Spirit [969.65 Kb] (downloads: 1)

3 June, 2021
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