Addon SPARTAN SHIELDS 1.16.201

6 June, 2021
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Minecraft PE provides several kinds of Vanilla shields. Some of them are kind of weak while others can protect you from serious damage in a very effective way. If you want to enrich your collection of shields, we invite you to try Addon SPARTAN SHIELDS that brings seven new ones.

Features of addon SPARTAN SHIELDS

This addon was inspired by the Java mod with the same name and it adds seven new shields.
The new shields work like the vanilla ones, this meaning that they will protect you from any attacks coming from your front, including projectiles and direct attacks, and even from attacks with special effects like hunger, poison, etc. A cool feature of these shields is that they make the attackers get a knockback effect. This feature affects projectiles too. Naturally, these shields cannot protect you if the hostile mob decides to attack you from behind.
Addon SPARTAN SHIELDS 1.16.201

Unfortunately, the shields brought by this addon, unlike the vanilla ones, can break, but if you choose stronger materials to craft them, this risk is minimal.
The player may hold two shields at the same time, but note that only the one in your main hand will be charged.

All these shields except the wooden one can be enchanted, but the player can hold an enchanted shield only in his/her main hand.

All the shields can be obtained using command /function spartan.

They can also be crafted. Below you can see the recipes.
  • Wooden shield

  • Stone shield

  • Gold shield. Special abilities: when holding it piglins ignore you and works like a totem of undying (note that you should have less than 4 hearts and XP to make this ability work)

  • Iron shield.

  • Diamond shield

  • Obsidian shield

  • Netherite shield. Special abilities: gives the player lava resistance and fire resistance.

Important! For this addon to work, you will have to enable Holiday Creator Features toggle and have installed Minecraft PE 1.16.201 or any of the other later game versions.
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Addon SPARTAN SHIELDS [80.56 Kb] (downloads: 2)

6 June, 2021
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