Addon Project Ateneu 1.16.220

17 June, 2021
Minecraft PE Mods
If you know everything about Minecraft PE and are familiar with all its old and new features, you probably want to explore something new. Addon Project Ateneu will definitely make your gaming experience more interesting because it brings a very big number of hostile mobs that you will have to fight, new ores to mine, interesting blocks to experiment with, and a lot of cool armor details.

Features of addon Project Ateneu

Install this addon and get ready to discover:


  • The Dark Wolf
    Addon Project Ateneu 1.16.220

  • The Elite Vindicator

  • The Iglin

  • The Revenant

  • The Scorpion

  • The Tarantula

  • The Hero Villager

  • The Wild Boar

  • The Zombie Mushroom

  • The Zombie Netherwart


  • Babel Tower. This tower is haunted by hostile mobs. The most important and serious one is the Hero Villager.

  • Iglin Ship. On this ship, there are a lot of Iglins who are very dangerous and aggressive.

  • Mini Temple


  • Golden quartz blocks

  • Chiseled golden quartz blocks

  • Steel blocks

  • Chromium blocks

  • Blaze blocks

  • Wither bone blocks

  • Meat blocks

Ores and valuable stones:

  • Magnarite

  • Onyx

  • Pure Netherite

  • Chromium Ores

  • Ruby Ores

  • Sapphire Ores


  • Unrefined steel

  • Refined steel

Full armor sets:

Armor elements:

Some of these armor parts give players special effects, for example by wearing the piglin handband you will make all the piglins around respect you or by wearing a marine helmet you will be able to breathe underwater

Additional Features:

  • New trades (trade with the armorer villager and with the leather worker)

  • Reinforcing table. This table can be used to craft reinforced armor elements

This addon also brings many awesome weapons and tools. By looking at the pictures below you can find out about their features.

The addon creator also upgraded a number of existing items making them more fun to use and more useful to the player (see pictures below).

Dear players, if you want to try the described above addon, you will have to:
  1. Install Minecraft PE 1.16.220 or any of the other later game versions
  2. Click on the Behavior Pack download button below the article
  3. Click on the Resource Pack button below the article
  4. Install the addon
  5. Enable the experimental features as shown in the picture below

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Addon Project Ateneu

Addon Project Ateneu Behavior Pack [482.79 Kb] (downloads: 86)

Addon Project Ateneu Resource Pack [829.09 Kb] (downloads: 75)

17 June, 2021
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