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Addon Terracotta Expansion 1.17

9 September, 2021
Minecraft PE Mods
Thanks to all the recent game versions, our Minecraft PE worlds have become much more interesting to explore than before. We have a lot of new mobs to interact with, biomes to travel to, and much more, but Addon Terracotta Expansion can make everything even better!

Features of addon Terracotta Expansion

Get ready to discover a wonderful new world with:

New Biomes:

  • Badlands Biome. This biome’s distinctive feature is the multitude of grapevines growing there.
    Addon Terracotta Expansion 1.17

  • Bald Cypress Swamp Biome. As its name suggests, you will find swamps and a lot of bald cypress trees here.

  • Cherry Blossom Grove Biome. This place is so beautiful thanks to all its pink trees.

  • Maple Forest Biome. This biome reminds us of the upcoming late autumn months thanks to the different kinds of trees growing here, each of them having leaves of different colors and shapes (maples, oak, birch, etc.).

  • Savanna Biome. Just like in the badlands, here you will find many grapevines, but this is not the most important thing. It also hosts different living creatures like termites, elephants, and hyenas.

Many trees growing in the above-mentioned biomes are also new and they all make the MCPE environment even more vibrant and beautiful.

New Mobs:

  • Agoutis. They love: termites, grapes, cherries, leaves. They fear: red pandas. You can find these cuties in caves.
  • Crocodiles: Be very careful and wear protection because these swamp-living animals are very aggressive. You can feed their babies with frog legs to obtain scales that can be used to craft crocodile scale leggings.
  • Bass Fish. This kind of fish lives in swamps and rivers. You can catch and cook them.
  • Deer. These gracious animals can be feed with berries, grapes, or apples. Those spawning in snow-covered places will turn into reindeer. All of them drop venison upon death. You can cook and eat it.
  • Frogs live in swamps. They are aggressive towards termites, spiders, and other small creatures. You can also feed it with termites. Upon death, they drop frog legs. You can cook and eat them or you can feed baby crocodiles.
  • Elephants. These grand mobs can be saddled but sometimes, they can attack you because not all of them are ready to accept this. If you need a bigger inventory to keep your items, you can place a chest on the elephant’s back. Elephants love eating logs, leaves, termites, mounts, etc.
  • Geese. These noisy birds can be of three kinds: normal aggressive, and playful. You can feed any of them with wolffia. The playful ones like playing with bells, so try to give them one so they can have some fun.
  • Red Pandas are living in cherry blossom biomes. They can be tamed and they can dig piles of petals or leaves for you. You can feed them with bamboo, cherries, and cherry tree leaves.
  • Hyenas have a neutral behavior and they live in badlands or in savannas. You can feed them with raw meat but don’t hold it in front of them because this makes them attack you.
  • Vultures are beautiful and mighty birds. They live in badlands. They attack phantoms and undead mobs and may have two modes: parrot mode and phantom mode.
  • Termites serve as food for many of the new mobs brought by this addon. They live in savannas and eat sawdust, woods, and logs. You can pick up their drops, cook, and eat them.
  • Zombie Deer. These kinds of deer attack normal deer but generally, they have a neutral behavior.

New Miscellaneous Blocks and Items:

  • Terracotta Shingle. Craft it using stained hardened clay. Use a stonecutter.
  • Terracotta Brick Block. It can be crafted with the same material in a stonecutter or on the crafting table.

  • Cattail Seed. Harvest cattails that have fluffs on top. They can be transformed into strings.

  • Cattail Shoot. These items are edible and can be obtained by shearing cattails.
  • Cherries. Break the leaves of cherry blossom trees to obtain them.
  • Cherry Blossom Tea. This delicious drink can be crafted using cherry blossom leaves and a bottle. When done, boil it in the furnace. Drink it to cure weakness.
  • Hanging Cherry Blossom Leaves. Use normal cherry blossom leaves to craft them. You can use them to obtain pink dye.
  • Crocodile Scales. As we mentioned above, you can use them to craft special leggings. If required, you can fix the leggings using scales with an anvil. Wear the leggings to get slowness and power effects.

  • Goose Normal and Golden Eggs. You can cook and consume them. The golden ones can be obtained from golden geese which are very rare.
  • Grapes. Harvest grapevines to obtain grapes.
  • Maple Sap, Syrup, and Pancakes. Strip a maple log using an axe to obtain sap. Collect it using a bottle, place it in the furnace and you will obtain maple syrup. Drink this syrup to get healed from slowness. If you want to cook pancakes, use syrup, wheat, eggs, and milk.

  • Wolffia. This is goose’s favorite food.

If you want to use this addon, you should click on the download buttons below and install it like any other addon, but make sure you have installed Minecraft PE 1.17 or a more recent version and enable the experimental features as shown below.

For other cool MCPE-related surprises, including maps, texture packs, and more, visit our website and have a good time!
Addon Terracotta Expansion

Addon Terracotta Expansion Behavior Pack [375.54 Kb] (downloads: 90)

Addon Terracotta Expansion resource Pack [998.78 Kb] (downloads: 76)

9 September, 2021
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