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Addon Ores Plus 1.17

16 September, 2021
Minecraft PE Mods
Addon Ores Plus is meant to make the Bedrock user’s mining experience much more interesting than before by introducing dozens of new materials, ores, and of course, possibilities to use them in crafting.

Features of addon Ores Plus

There are several new kinds of totems you can obtain. Of course, their crafting recipes require special ingredients, but later in this article, you will learn how to obtain them all. These totems are truly amazing and much better than the ordinary totem of undying because each of them offers one or more effects and abilities, for example, to kill monsters on big radiuses, strength, speed, fire resistance, etc. These totems are called Elemental Totems.
Addon Ores Plus 1.17

You can also get Elemental Armor that not only looks great but also makes the player strong against his enemies by giving special effects.

To craft them and other stuff offered by this addon, you will need a special Elemental Crafting Table, A Powerless Gem, and A White Diamond. The gems are found in chests and the white diamonds are obtained from a new material that generates as often and in the same places as the ordinary white diamond we are used to.

You will also be able to obtain several kinds of amazingly beautiful gems but to craft them you will need gem essences. Some of them can be crafted (see pictures below) and some can be obtained from chests.

And here are the precious gems we mentioned above. Below you can see a few examples of how to craft them.

Here is what kinds of armor you can craft from these gems. They offer different potion effects and they all have great resistance and durability. Below their pictures, you will see examples of how to craft the Infernal Armor helmet and chest, but the rest of them can be crafted in the same way.

A true warrior also needs strong weapons besides armor, so the addon also brings several swords that will affect your enemies in different ways. The Electro one can be found in end city chests and the rest of them should be crafted as shown below.

You will also discover many beautiful ores (including the white diamond ore mentioned above in this article). You can use them to craft great new kinds of armor.

Here are all the available new armor types and examples of how to craft them.

To make your mining work easier, the addon creator also developed three kinds of new pickaxes that work much better than ordinary ones.

If you already have installed Minecraft Bedrock 1.17 or a later game version, click on the behavior and resource pack download buttons below this article and install the addon.
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Addon Ores Plus

Addon Ores Plus Behavior Pack [671.89 Kb] (downloads: 122)

Addon Ores Plus Resource Pack [392.8 Kb] (downloads: 113)

16 September, 2021
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