Map Mob Arena 1.14

17 May, 2020
Minecraft PE Maps
Fighting mobs on arenas is not only fun, but also gives the chance to demonstrate our skills and to get rewarded for our courage and strength. In Map Mob Arena you will have the opportunity to fight on four arenas with different mobs.

How to play at map Mob Arena

Like in all arena maps, there is a lobby where your player is going to spawn and where you can read all the necessary information.

The map contains four floors where you can fight mobs:
Floor one:

Floor two:

Floor three:

Floor four:

Every time you defeat kill a mob, it will drop one or more items. You can sell these items and obtain money. The money can be spent on better gear and weapons for the upcoming fights. The store where you can buy everything is absolutely huge and is located on two floors (see pictures below).

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Map Mob Arena

Map Mob Arena [136.27 Kb] (downloads: 88)

17 May, 2020
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