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Minecraft PE

4 February, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
Some game updates bring us interesting new features. Last week and the week before it we had the chance to try such versions (Minecraft PE and Minecraft PE Today, even if Minecraft PE has a rich list of features, they are all about bugs being fixed, but well, this is also useful and helps us have a better gameplay and prevent us from getting bothered by diverse issues while playing.

Bugfixes in Minecraft Bedrock

  • Fixed the "Dragons" map that can be purchased in the Marketplace
  • Eliminated the reason for a crash happening because of the achievements screen with low anti-aliasing
  • Corrected the plant growth process
  • Solved a problem affecting the tools in survival mode occurring when blocks are being broken
    Minecraft PE

  • The textures of snow accumulating on blocks were fixed
  • TNTs that are submerged in water were made to launch the players

  • The failure to translate some achievement descriptions in other languages than English
  • Added updated links to the bug tracker and the official MCPE website
  • Made the mob spawn eggs appear in the player's hand with correct textures

  • Fixed the screen flickering when changing its size in Minecraft PE
  • Entities stopped loading in custom biome settings
  • Fixed a big number of component variables
  • Fixed a problem of some entities that didn’t render normally behind parts that are transparent
  • Fixed a bug making emotes titles display the previously seen emote when the user re-enters tabs
  • Another issue occurring when the player is not online and making skins mix up in different categories was also fixed
  • Fixed the online statuses of cross-platform friends
  • The wrong texture of the dried kelp was corrected

Dear players, these and other several minor fixes can be explored by installing this version but we cannot let you click on the download button without preventing you that this is a beta, thus you will lose your existing worlds when installing it unless you make copies. Also note that while trying a beta version of MCPE, you cannot join players who prefer full game versions and Realms.
And now, when all the main fixes are enlisted, you can share this article with your Bedrock friends and watch the video trailer that contains additional information about it.
Follow our website if you want to be always up to date with the newest game versions and with the coolest maps and other game-related downloads. Have a good time!

Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [113.97 Mb] (downloads: 224)

4 February, 2021
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