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Addon Borgy's Mobs 1.16.210

20 May, 2021
Minecraft PE Mods
Addon Borgy's Mobs brings five unique new mobs which promise to make our gaming experience more interesting and our worlds more animated. Each of these mobs has individual features and we are sure you will have a lot of fun monitoring them.

Features of addon Borgy's Mobs

This addon brings the following new mobs:
  • Headcrab: these are very dangerous little parasites. They can control the heads of players and mobs who look like humans making them transform into headcrab zombies that have very strange and unpleasant behavior. The only way to avoid such situations is to always wear a special helmet.
    Addon Borgy's Mobs 1.16.210

  • Houndeye: These eyeless creatures attack in groups and they have mercy for no other mob, but their favorite targets are the players and the villagers. You can try to tame them by giving them cooked meat, but this does not guarantee that they will become friendlier towards you.

  • Bullsquid: These land-living creatures are aggressive towards everybody. They even attack each other. Bullsquids can attack in two different ways: by spitting poison and by hitting with their tails.

  • Itchyosaur: These predators live in oceans. Like all the above-listed mobs, these ones are hostile too, but the good thing is that they can be tamed. To succeed, use raw meat. When tamed, itchyosaurs become rideable.

  • Bakunawa: these beautiful dragons fly underwater and attack their own kinds, the players, and other characters. During the nighttime, they have the custom to leave the waters and hunt on land. They can attack in two ways: by breathing and by biting. These creatures are tameable, but the process is rather complicated. The player has to kill one and obtain a spawn egg. Further, to make the egg hatch, the player has to place it underwater. When the egg hatches and a new bakunawa is born, it can be fed with meat in order to tame it. The player can also control the dragon’s breath by using a special staff called Bakunawa Staff (the crafting recipe is displayed in the sixth picture below).

If you want to meet all these mobs and if you are not afraid to let them enter your world, make sure you are using Minecraft PE 1.16.210 or a newer version and click on the button below this article to download the addon. Also, make sure to enable the commands, the holiday creator features, and modding capabilities.
If the above-described mobs are not enough to make your gaming world interesting and your experience challenging enough, we also suggest you try Addon In Silence and Addon Trevor Henderson.
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Addon Borgy's Mobs

Addon Borgy's Mobs [1.37 Mb] (downloads: 19)

20 May, 2021
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