Addon SirenHead 1.16

31 January, 2021
Minecraft PE Mods
Siren Head is a terrifying humanoid creature. If you are not afraid to meet it in your MCPE game, try Addon SirenHead. We must warn you that regardless of the fact that your in-game life will become more interesting, this monster is very dangerous.

Features of addon SirenHead

Siren head is a very tall humanoid monster. It has a health of four hundred and an attack damage of ten. When attacking, the player will get not only health damage, but also a blindness effect. This creature emits creepy sounds. It spawns in forests but only during the nighttime.
Addon SirenHead 1.16

If you choose to try this addon, make sure to put on a strong armor and equip with a shield before entering the forest.
A very helpful item brought by this addon is a lantern that will help you see the path in the dark woods. Craft it using the recipe displayed below.

To see the Siren Head in action, watch the video trailer below.
If you haven’t changed your mind and still want to meet this horrible creature, hit the download button, share the article with other players, and leave feedback.
If you are reading this article, we guess you are a very brave player, so we recommend you to also try Addon Dark Deception and Addon Trevor Henderson. By the way, the Siren Head is a character created by Trevor Henderson too.
To be able to use the described-above addons, make sure you have installed one of the latest game versions. We recommend you to try Minecraft PE which is the freshest one.
For other cool MCPE-related surprises, visit our website and have a good time!

Video trailer of Addon SirenHead

Addon SirenHead

Addon SirenHead [3.13 Mb] (downloads: 112)

31 January, 2021
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