Mods & Add-ons for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Developers can’t meet the players needs all at once, because it is impossible to please everyone, but players have found a solution: they started developing mods. Mod is an addition that improves the game world and adds new things to it. Some addons and modifications have been in development for several years, the quality has reached a new level. Thanks to our project you can download hundreds of addons for Minecraft PE and it will not take you long to install them on Android. Minecraft dragon mod, dinosaurs, cool cars, new monsters, the power of God - you will find anything on our website.

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BeeConcept Addon

This add-on adds Bees to the game Minecraft Pocket Edition. Bees have recently appeared in MCPE 1.14.0, but while version 1.14.0 is not available for android, then you can download this add-on for MCPE version 1.13.0!

10 October, 2019

Ice Mobs Addon

This addon adds new types of mobs, which will now live in the world of Minecraft PE. New types of mobs can only be found in snowy biomes!

28 September, 2019

FoodCraft Addon

If you want to add more types of food to the game, then use FoodCraft Addon. This addon adds new recipes for crafting food!

22 September, 2019

Elemental Creepers Addon

This addon adds several new types of creepers to the Minecraft Bedrock game. Now creepers will drop cupcakes, cakes, snowball and more. There is also an Ender Creeper who can teleport.

1 September, 2019

Better Undead Death Animations Addon

Use this addon to improve the animation of the death of mobs. Using the Better Undead Death Animations addon the body of mobs will fall apart. This is a good addon for horror map!

24 August, 2019

Lamborghini Murcielago Addon

If you like supercars and you want to ride them - then you need this addon. You can move around in the world of Minecraft for android on a sports car Lamborghini, if you install this addon for Minecraft!

4 August, 2019

Breedable Fish Addon

This is the first addon that allows you to breed fish in the world of Minecraft. Now you can breed and grow fish in the world MCPE.

31 July, 2019

Compressed Blocks Addon

A cool addition to the mobile version of Minecraft, which allows you to compress some types of blocks. This is very useful in order to save space in the player's inventory.

30 April, 2019