Mods & Add-ons for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Developers can’t meet the players needs all at once, because it is impossible to please everyone, but players have found a solution: they started developing mods. Mod is an addition that improves the game world and adds new things to it. Some addons and modifications have been in development for several years, the quality has reached a new level. Thanks to our project you can download hundreds of addons for Minecraft PE and it will not take you long to install them on Android. Minecraft dragon mod, dinosaurs, cool cars, new monsters, the power of God - you will find anything on our website.

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Addon Craftable Enchanted Apples 1.14

Enchanted apples have truly magical effects on the player: they offer absorption, regeneration and resistance. Today you will get the chance to learn how to craft this rare product.

27 September, 2020

Addon LuckyBlocks 1.14

We hope you are one of those persons who like surprises because Addon LuckyBlocks is one of the best surprise-containing addons ever! How lucky do you feel today?

20 September, 2020


Addon TITAN ZOMBIE challenges you to fight one of the most powerful mobs you ever met in Minecraft Bedrock. Do you have enough courage to do this?

17 September, 2020

Addon Scenter for BedrockEdition 1.14

Addon Scenter for BedrockEdition was developed to help the players find a very large choice of ores easily. This way your mining experience will become more efficient.

10 September, 2020

Addon Pterodactyl and Velociraptor 1.14

If you are a fan of the Jurassic period, you have to try Addon Pterodactyl and Velociraptor which brings two majestic dinosaurs into your Minecraft PE world.

3 September, 2020

Addon Reshaped Blocks 1.14

Sometimes people get bored of custom things. Today you will have the chance to modify a lot of the traditionally shaped blocks in Minecraft PE thanks to Addon Reshaped Blocks.

24 July, 2020

Addon Minicopter 1.13

Today all our guests and subscribers have a unique opportunity: to travel in their Minecraft worlds using nothing else but a fantastic new helicopter brought to us by Addon Minicopter.

16 July, 2020

Addon Mine Brawl 1.13

Mine Brawl is a very popular mobile video game. Thanks to Addon Mine Brawl, now you can play it in Minecraft Bedrock! Meet all your favorite Brawlers in your own world!

9 July, 2020

Addon Sonic Adventure 1.13

Sonic is one of the most popular characters nowadays. This charismatic hedgehog stole the hearts of thousands of kids and adults and now you can welcome him to your MCPE world.

2 July, 2020