Mods & Add-ons for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Developers can’t meet the players needs all at once, because it is impossible to please everyone, but players have found a solution: they started developing mods. Mod is an addition that improves the game world and adds new things to it. Some addons and modifications have been in development for several years, the quality has reached a new level. Thanks to our project you can download hundreds of addons for Minecraft PE and it will not take you long to install them on Android. Minecraft dragon mod, dinosaurs, cool cars, new monsters, the power of God - you will find anything on our website.

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Addon Craftable Structures 1.16.210

Looking for structures can be really time-consuming, so we suggest you craft them with your own materials and place them wherever you want. This is possible thanks to Addon Craftable Structures.

29 April, 2021

Addon Spike Traps 1.16.100

Some mobs and even some fellow players are so annoying that they deserved to get trapped so we offer you a wide choice of spikes to choose from for this aim.

25 April, 2021

Addon Connected Glass 1.16.210

Unfortunately, the MCPE developers did not think about making glass panes connect to each other when forming a fence, but instead, the Addon Connected Glass’s creator did.

22 April, 2021

Addon More Tools 1.16.220

If you like mining and have some ores left, you can use them to obtain more than twenty tools, decorative blocks, and armor provided by Addon More Tools.

18 April, 2021

Addon Friday Night Funkin 1.16.100

Friday Night Funkin’ is a very fun and popular rhythm game where the player should defeat other characters in singing. Today you can bring the main characters into your Bedrock world.

13 April, 2021

Addon Industrial Craft 1.16.200

If you don’t have time or if you are not in the mood to craft, you can make some special types of machinery also known as auto crafters do this for you.

8 April, 2021

Addon Ice Age 1.16.100

It’s springtime. The sun is shining and the birds are singing, but some of us are very nostalgic about the freezing winter that has already passed. If you are part of this category, try this addon.

5 April, 2021

Addon Armor Expansion 1.16.200

Your player deserves new armor. Which one of the seven available ones brought by Addon Armor Expansion do you think will suit him the best?

22 March, 2021

Addon In Silence 1.16

Addon In Silence brings the mutant Rat and the cryptid creature called Rake from the In Silence multiplayer horror game into our Bedrock worlds.

18 March, 2021