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Popular posts

Addon Craftable Structures 1.16.210

Looking for structures can be really time-consuming, so we suggest you craft them with your own materials and place them wherever you want. This is possible thanks to Addon Craftable Structures.

29 April, 2021

Addon Spike Traps 1.16.100

Some mobs and even some fellow players are so annoying that they deserved to get trapped so we offer you a wide choice of spikes to choose from for this aim.

25 April, 2021

Minecraft PE

Dear friends, make yourself comfortable, and don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee because we are going to explore a sensational new game version which is Minecraft PE

23 April, 2021

Addon Connected Glass 1.16.210

Unfortunately, the MCPE developers did not think about making glass panes connect to each other when forming a fence, but instead, the Addon Connected Glass’s creator did.

22 April, 2021

Addon More Tools 1.16.220

If you like mining and have some ores left, you can use them to obtain more than twenty tools, decorative blocks, and armor provided by Addon More Tools.

18 April, 2021

Minecraft PE

The end of the working week is a few hours away but some of us didn’t decide how to spend the evening yet. We invite you to check the newest game beta which is Minecraft PE

16 April, 2021

Addon Friday Night Funkin 1.16.100

Friday Night Funkin’ is a very fun and popular rhythm game where the player should defeat other characters in singing. Today you can bring the main characters into your Bedrock world.

13 April, 2021

Minecraft PE

Even if most of us prefer full game versions, we recommend you to try the new Minecraft PE beta because it brings a lot of interesting changes.

10 April, 2021

Minecraft PE 1.16.220

The Mojang Studios team developed a new full game version. It brings a long list of bugfixes, news for the addon and map creators, and a very cool possibility available to all players.

8 April, 2021