Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android

Mojang is constantly improving Minecraft Pocket Edition, that's why the game is being frequently updated. We carefully monitor the releases of new versions of the game and we dedicated a whole section to it. Here you can always download Minecraft latest version, as well as learn about all the new stuff that is waiting for you in it. If you are tired of vanilla and it makes you want to refresh your experience or make your game more engaging, be sure to visit the Minecraft Mods section, where you will find a huge amount of high-quality modifications to the game.

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While others have nothing to do, our subscribers are given the chance to download and explore the latest game version today and this is Minecraft

25 April, 2020


We are pleasantly surprised by the release of a new game version, that is Minecraft and we want to share all its fantastic new features with you.

17 April, 2020


We won’t let this weekend pass without introducing our dear subscribers to the newest game update and its features. This time it is Minecraft

5 April, 2020


Even if it’s Sunday and the weather outside is absolutely fantastic, we hope you will find time to check the latest game update, which is Minecraft Bedrock

29 March, 2020

Minecraft 1.16.0

This evening is meaningful to us and we hope it will be for you to because we are publishing an article about an absolutely legendary version that updates the Nether: Minecraft 1.16.0.

18 March, 2020


Minecraft is a new beta game version, bringing us a big number of fixes meant to make our gameplay smoother and better. Learn about and try it for free!

15 March, 2020


Our subscribers have the chance to see off the weekend with some good news and to be more precise, with the release of a new game beta: Minecraft

8 March, 2020


Dear subscribers, our website offers you the possibility to try a new beta version of Minecraft Bedrock with many changes and fixes. Let us all explore Minecraft

5 March, 2020


Make yourself some time to explore Minecraft, the freshest beta version of your favorite game with very many good changes and bug fixes.

25 February, 2020

Minecraft 1.14.30

Dear friends, it is time for us to try and explore a new game version and this is Minecraft Bedrock 1.14.30. The fixes will please all the players, especially those using Xbox One.

18 February, 2020