Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android

Mojang is constantly improving Minecraft Pocket Edition, that's why the game is being frequently updated. We carefully monitor the releases of new versions of the game and we dedicated a whole section to it. Here you can always download Minecraft latest version, as well as learn about all the new stuff that is waiting for you in it. If you are tired of vanilla and it makes you want to refresh your experience or make your game more engaging, be sure to visit the Minecraft Mods section, where you will find a huge amount of high-quality modifications to the game.

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Minecraft PE

A new year started and we are all expecting great news from the Mojang team. For starters, they released a new game beta called Minecraft PE

8 January, 2021

Minecraft PE

It’s snow time! With this occasion, the MCPE developers introduced a lot of interesting changes to the new powder snow blocks, and they can be checked by installing Minecraft PE

19 December, 2020

Minecraft PE 1.16.201

Several days after the release of the update bringing many changes affecting the goats, the Mojang Studios team released a full version called Minecraft PE 1.16.201.

16 December, 2020

Minecraft PE

Since the MCPE developers introduced goats and powder snow as experimental features, we are curious to find out more about them and you will have the chance to do this in Minecraft PE

12 December, 2020

Minecraft PE 1.16.200

The MCPE developers decided to make all the players very happy lately, and today they are continuing their mission with a new grand release called Minecraft PE 1.16.200.

10 December, 2020

Minecraft PE

We had enough time to explore all the versions released last week and now we are all ready to get to the next one which is Minecraft PE

4 December, 2020

Minecraft PE

It seems that the MCPE developers decided to fully surprise all of us by releasing the fourth game update in such a short time. Today we will explore Minecraft PE beta.

25 November, 2020

Minecraft PE 1.16.101

The Mojang Studios team can’t stop surprising us lately with new game updates, and today they have another full version for us to check and this is Minecraft PE 1.16.101.

24 November, 2020

Minecraft PE

This week is definitely a special one because the Mojang team decided to please us all with a new game beta shortly after the release of the previous full game version.

20 November, 2020

Minecraft PE 1.16.100

Hurray! The Mojang team finally released the long-awaited Minecraft PE 1.16.100 full version. Please take your time to explore it because the update contains very many changes.

18 November, 2020