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Assault Deathmatch Map

Based on the name of this map for Minecraft, you understand that there is a legendary location on it! Join the assault deathmatch with your friends!

30 April, 2019

PlainPixels Texture Pack

Stunning textures Plain Pixels combined with popular shaders for Minecraft Bedrock. Choose the best Plain Pixels texture option for Minecraft PE.

30 April, 2019

Minecraft PE 1.11.1

The developers of Minecraft Bedrock were forced to release a new update of Minecraft 1.11.1 to fixed some bugs.

30 April, 2019

Minecraft Bedrock: Making Your First Basic Item

There is a new opportunity for Minecraft gamers to create new custom objects with the help of resource and behavior packs after Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta was released. In this guide we will tell you about this opportunity in a few words.

27 April, 2019

Minecraft PE 1.11.0

The full version of Minecraft 1.11.0 for Android has been released. In this update, raids, trading with villagers and other features of Minecraft Village & Pillage update are available. We recommend that you download the MCPE 1.11.0 update to your phone.

24 April, 2019

Minecraft PE

Major Minecraft update 1.12.0. The developers of the mobile version of Minecraft have released an update in which the Mod API has been improved. This makes it possible to create even cooler Minecraft 1.12.0 mods for Android.

19 April, 2019

Minecraft PE

The release of Minecraft is already available for players of Android devices. In the update MCPE, the Mojang team fixed the bugs in the game. We hope you spend this weekend having fun with Minecraft

14 April, 2019

Minecraft PE 1.10.0

The Mojang team decided to release the full version of Minecraft 1.10.0. In this update, we will see a significant part of the innovations of the Village & Pillage update. But more new features will be in the update Minecraft 1.11.0!

14 April, 2019